Thoughts of the Day

Is Google God?
The Gods of Page Ranking are not beyond some fun. They have come up with ‘conclusive’ proof that Google is actually God. Or, is God Google?
Even if they are, at least one company still refuses to recognize them. Mr Gates’ Microsoft Word still puts red squiggles under Google. But then, they also put the same under Satyajit and Amitabh.
This claim to divinity has, of course, drawn heavy protests from religious groups who are probably expecting the real McCoy to unleash a thunderous blow to decimate the Google HQ. But I doubt if that will be enough to wipe off Google from the face of the earth. And lot of people I know will die along with it because of Orkut-deprivation. (Another red squiggle from Mr Gates… so there!)
Of course, there are counter groups who are coming up with lists of stuff that Google CANNOT do. Sifting through the esoteric super-technical stuff, I came across one thing that I could understand and agree with.
Google cannot catch Don. Kyunki Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hain!

Working Moms
What Mad Momma was writing about all this while, Mrinal Pande has seconded. And with her language & stature, the opposition is sure to be reduced into a quivering mass of jelly!
Mrs Pande’s last line – Ever wondered why three of the most powerful goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali, chose to not bear children? – was blindingly true as all of last night, my wife tried to put Junior to sleep while I tried to blink my sleep away so that I can prevent her from throttling him! Couldn’t have blamed her if she tried, though!
However, on a lighter note, we were watching Pyar Ke Side Effects last evening and there was this discussion between three protagonists on why super-heroes are never married and convesely, why married men can never be super-heroes.
Well, imagine Superman going to save to world from Lex Luthor and suddenly, he gets a call on his mobile – “Come home early tonight. I am making pasta.” Poof!

Arts or Science?
As the college entrance season approaches, a really handy research has come out, which predicts the stronger aptitude – between verbal and numerical – in children by the relative lengths of their fingers. Now, how cool is that?
Apparently, if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, then your numerical aptitude is expected to be stronger. And if the index is longer, then your verbal ability is stronger.
Of course, my longer index finger explains – in hindsight – why I scraped through four years of Mechanical Engineering. But it does not explain why I could not understand the long reasoning behind the research, which has descriptions of testosterone or oestrogen influencing digit ratio as well certain areas of the brain.
So, students can just junk the long-winded entrance tests and just give colleges the finger. Literally!


Diligent Candy said…
Don-waala Google point - totally deadly...ha ha ha! Too cool!

About the UC-India post, have not lived in too many different parts of India - but, have heard that this is sat-partishat sach! Shall be fwd-ing the link to some gurus.
Anonymous said…
I read about that research and thought it was funny. I don't know how conclusively they proved it. On the other hand, if you cut off somebody's ring finger, I am sure their counting math skill will disappear. May that is proof enough for the theory :D
the mad momma said…
ah! i like ur random days. do you know why i am commenting at 3.30 am? because my daughter is awake and i am rocking her crib with one foot and reading ur blog ...
Unknown said…
the point is - which finger? caught in between!
Sanchit said…
well adding to what u wrote about google.. i made a post

i hope u don mind me mentioning it here... do read..