Bollywood ka Board Exams

I am very excited because a new Bollywood quiz show called Extraa Shots Challenge is coming up from tomorrow on SET Max. It calls itself Bollywood ka Board Exams.
A couple of years back, there was Bollywood ka Boss on Filmy for which I framed some questions. SET Max is watched more as a channel and so hopefully, ESC will go on to become the KBC of Bollywood quizzes, make Divya Dutta a huge star and light up my Sunday evenings.

So, to celebrate this new quiz show, I am thulping 18 questions. And in true Board Exam style, some are MCQ and some open-ended.
Post the answers in the comments (which are moderated for the time-being). The answers and winners will be revealed on Tuesday (20th).
One second... why 18? Because it is 18th September! Happy? Now, answer the questions.
Aur asli mard ke do pehchaan hota hain. Uska dard nahin hota aur woh answers ke liye Google nahin karta! (The ladies are too honourable to be told about this also!)

  1. Who was the first recipient of the National Award for Best Child Artiste given in 1970?
  2. What is common between Mallika Sarabhai, Neena Gupta, Rupa Ganguly and Satish Shah?
  3. What was the name of the business Saif’s family owned in Kal Ho Na Ho?
  4. Which film had lead characters by the name of Siddharth Marathe and Alisha Mafatlal?
  5. What is the name of the book written by PWD Engineer Satyaveer Singh?
  6. In which film does Advocate Dhingra defend Javed Shaikh, Kaviraj Patil and SS Khan?
  7. What was the name of the film in Rangeela which Urmila Matondkar was starring in?
  8. Which famous film personality was the Assistant Director to Mahesh Bhatt in Saaransh?
  9. In Karma, what was Dr Dang’s first name?

  1. Which of the following playback singers do NOT have a hat-trick in winning Filmfare awards?
1.      Kavita Krishnamurthy
2.      Alka Yagnik
3.      Asha Bhonsle
4.      Lata Mangeshkar

  1. Which is the first film with an English name to have won a Filmfare Award for Best Film?
1.      Guide
2.      Black
3.      Boot Polish
4.      Mother India

  1. Who was the lead pair of the film Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja released in 1961?
1.      Dev Anand – Waheeda Rehman
2.      Shammi Kapoor – Asha Parekh
3.      Kishore Kumar - Madhubala
4.      Raj Kapoor - Nargis

  1. Which is the first film Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri appeared in?
1.      Guddi
2.      Ek Nazar
3.      Bansi Birju
4.      Anamika

  1. For which of the following stars has Narain Karthikeyan been the stunt driver?
1.      SRK in Baazigar
2.      Saif Ali Khan in Tara Rum Pum
3.      Aamir Khan in Baazi
4.      Akshay Kumar in International Khiladi

  1. What is common to the Assistant Directors of Swades, Saathiya and Monsoon Wedding?
1.      They have all gone on to win Best Debut Filmfare Awards
2.      They are all FTII Gold-Medallists
3.      They are all related to Aamir Khan
4.      They are all related to the directors

  1. Which of the following statements are NOT true about Sanjay Dutt and Amitabh Bachchan?
1.      They have acted in movies containing the word ‘Shabd’
2.      They have won the Booker Prize on screen
3.      They have played relatives of Abhishek Bachchan
4.      None of the above

  1. In which Mahesh Bhatt film did Kunal Khemu first appear on screen?
1. Zakhm
2. Naaraaz
3. Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke
4. Sir
  1. Which of the following heroines is NOT one of the Teen Deviyaan?
1. Babita
2.  Nanda
3.  Kalpana
4.  Simi Garewal

1. This is a double-barreled question, which got edited and became wrong. So, I have simply removed the 'first' and made it correct. The first ever recipient of the Best Child Artiste award was Kamala Haasan and the first time an Hindi artiste won it was in 1970 - Rishi Kapoor for Mera Naam Joker.

2. All these talented people have played Draupadi.

3. Dial a Dhokhla

4. Ghulam.

5. The name of the book is Manorama. The answer 'Something to do with Manorama Six Feet Under' does not count :-)

6. Shootout at Lokhandwala.

7. Simple... The name of the film within film is also Rangeela.

8. Sooraj Barjatya (since Rajshri Films was the producer). Rumour has it that Rajshri was unhappy with Mahesh Bhatt's choice for the lead role and tried to push Sanjeev Kumar instead. Legend has it the original choice came to Bhatt's house and created a scene that eventually became the last outburst in the Chief Minister's cabin in the film.

9. Michael.

10. Quite surprisingly, Lata Mangeshkar has never had a hat-trick. Probably because in the early days of the awards, there was only one category of playback singing for both male and female.

11.  Boot Polish won the second ever Filmfare award for Best Film and became the first 'English' name.

12.  Either you know it or you don't. Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman, it is!

13. Guddi. In Jaya's first film, Amitabh appeared for a second or two as a filmstar shooting a scene.

14. This story might be apocryphal because Narain Karthikeyan was only 16 when Baazigar was being shot.

15. Strictly speaking, both 3 and 4 are correct. Kiran Rao was the AD in all these films and so, she is related to Aamir Khan (who's also a director). And if she wins an award for Dhobi Ghat, then Option 1 will become correct as well.

16. None of them are false.

17. Sir, it is. Kunal Khemu played Naseeruddin Shah's son who was killed in a crossfire between gangs.

18. Babita is not one of the Teen Devis. I happily added a Kartik to Kalpana - because I never knew that they were two different people!  

Thanks to all who caught mistakes and typos!
Korak got only one but was the first to comment.
Bricks got 14 including 3 confessed Googles.
Abhishek Mukherjee got 17.
Shazia got 3.
Nagesh got 7.
Divya got 14.

Some more coming up later this week! 


Unknown said…
Boss, I only know 1:
Ans 16- 4.None of the Above

Bakigulo shudhu mathae ashche, keyboard e ashchhena...

btw, Q17. "In which Mahesh Bhatt did Kunal Khemu first appear on screen?" - Add the word film, and it would be more appropriate.

bricks said…
1. (trick question?) (googled)
2. Draupadi
3. Dial a Dhokla
4. Ghulam
6. Shootout at Lokhandwala
7. Rangeela
8. Sooraj Barjatyaa (googled)
9. Michael
11. Boot Polish
12. DevAnand – Waheeda Rehman
13. Guddi
14. Tara Rum Pum
15. Theyare all related to Aamir Khan
16. None of the above
17. Sir (IMDB'd)
18. Babita
bricks said…
Does the winner get an autographed copy of ur book(s)?
1 Kamal Hassan (assuming you mean 1960)
2 They've all played Draupadi! (brilliant question)
3 Dial-a-Dhokla
4 Ghulam
5 Manorama (assuming you mean Suryaveer Singh)
6 Shootout at Lokhandwala
7 Rangeela
8 Sooraj Barjatya
9 Michael
10 Lata Mangeshkar
11 Boot Polish
12 Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman
13 Guddi
14 Saif Ali Khan in Tara Rum Pum
15 They are all related to Aamir Khan
16 None of the above
17 Sir
18 Babita (but you've confused Kalpana with Kalpana Kartik!)
Shazia said…
Some of the answers that I know:

4. Ghulam (I want to know who else knows this answer) :)
7. Rangeela
16. 3
17. 3
18. 1

I didn't google, so I know only these many answers. :)
He does? I should've taken this a bit more seriously, then, and pondered longer on the answers.
Thanks for removing "Kartik" from Kalpana Kartik. Suryadev and 1970 still remain, though. :(
RS said…
1.Kamal Haasan
2.They have all played Draupadi
5.This is from Manorama Six Feet under, but can't remember the name
6. Damini or Ghayal
7. Rangeela
10. Lata Mangeshkar
11.Boot Polish
13. Ek Nazar
14. Saif Ali Khan- Tara Rum Pum
15. They are all related to Aamir Khan- it's Kiran Rao
16. None of the above
17. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar ke
18. Simi Garewal
Anonymous said…
Taking some guesses:
1. Rishi Kapoor ?
2. All played Draupadi on screen
4. Anjana Anjani?
5. something to do with Manorama Six Feet Under
6. Shootout at Lokhandwala
7. Rangeela
10. Lata Mangeshkar
11. 2.Black
12. 3.Kishore Kumar - Madhubala
13. 4. Anamika
14. 2. Saif Ali Khan in Tara Rum Pum
15. 1. best debut filmfare awards
16. 4. None of the above
17. Sir
18. 4. Simi Garewal

Divya said…
2. They are all TV personalities ;)
4. Ghulam
5. Manorama
6. Shootout at Lokhandwala
7. Rangeela
8. Sooraj Barjatya
9. michael
10. Lata Mangeshkar
11. Boot Polish
12. Dev Anand – Waheeda Rehman
13. Guddi
14. SRK in Baazigar
15. They are all related to Aamir Khan (Kiran is one of the ADs in all of these films)
16. None of the above
17. Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke
18. Babita
Divya said…
Another reason why Lata Mangeshkar never made hattrick (or too many filfare awards for that matter) inspite of being the talent that she is was that after a few years sge requested that she be nominated no more (perhaps to give others a chance?)
So, do I get a signed copy? Really?