After five years, I am starting a new year without a book to be written.
To gainfully (?) employ my late nights, I am starting the 100 Movie Pact (inspired by my wife’s Saree Pact in 2015) with which I also hope to revive my comatose blog.

In some of my best movie-watching years, I have crossed the 200 count and thought nothing of it. However, in the present scheme of things, hundred seems to be a fairly steep target and I will have to judiciously add Pixar/Marvel to the mix in order to get to the number.

Also, I have listed down some criteria to make the #100MoviePact a little more than turning up at the nearest multiplex twice a week.

Here they are:
  • Will write a minimum of hundred words about each of the films I watch. These will not (necessarily) be reviews but a random collection of thoughts during the viewings. 
  • Will only include first-watch movies. Repeat viewings won’t be included in the count.
  • Will watch at least five movies as part of film festival(s).
  • Will watch at least five first-day-first-shows. (This is likely to be the toughest to get to.)
  • Will watch movies in at least three different cities.
  • Will watch the movies with not more than one break. This also means TV movies don’t count, unless I record them and watch in one go.
  • Will watch at least 50% of the movies in languages other than Hindi and English.
I have kicked off the project by ordering DVDs of Court, Masaan and the Criterion edition of the restored Apu Trilogy. Goes perfectly with my plan of bringing in non-Hindi, non-mainstream films into the mix.

I will start the #100MoviePact on 1st January, 2016.
If you also love watching movies, join in…

(Leave a comment on the post if you are planning to take this up as well. Would be good to exchange notes, share thoughts and talk movies!)


Manoj said…
Hi Diptakirti. Where did you order the Criterion Edition of the Apu Trilogy? I am unable to find it. Thanks. Regards
@Manoj - Ordered it on Amazon USA and getting it shipped to India.
palsworld said…
Great pact! Will look forward to your reviews (one of the reasons I was hooked to your blog :))

Please watch Marathi movies - they are making great ones these days & most of them are with sub-titles.

kala kavva said…
So, 2 movies a week.. with 2 weeks break?

Is this confined to new released movies only, or they can date back only six months or so?
Or there is no limit?

I am interested, but I don't have the writing skills which you have.
A grain of sand said…
Sounds interesting! All the best with your movie challenge :-)
Unknown said…
not sure if I can do 100 movies. but i shared it here https://www.facebook.com/allthingsindiancc/