45 Years of Sholay

The above visual is the poster of the Hindi-dubbed version of a Punjabi film, Do Sher. The Punjabi film released in 1974 but the Hindi film-world had changed by the time the Hindi version had come. So the 1977 release was called Do Sholay. As Shekhar Kapur had said, "Hindi film history can be divided into two eras - Sholay BC and Sholay AD." 

What follows is a list from Sholay AD. 
I have tried to name at least one film from every year which had a Sholay reference. Some years have two or more. Some references are sketchy because I haven't seen them but just picked them from various sites. 

Three years - post 1980 - don't have an entry yet. I would be very grateful if you can name films released in 1995, 1996 and 2017 that had a Sholay reference. 
Please feel free to embellish the sketchy entries. Please add films that I have missed. Please watch Sholay again. 

1981: Ladies Tailor
Deven Verma plays Gabbar Singh while Amjad Khan plays Thakur for a spoof of 'Haath humko de de'.
1982: Khud-Daar
Bachchan's taxi is called Basanti.

1982: Masoom 
'Kitnay aadmi thay' scene performed by a kid at a party.

1983: Jaani Dost
Dharmendra's truck is called Sholay (which also had Jugnu and Shikar written on it).

1983: Naukar Biwi Ka
Sholay mentioned in a list of Dharmendra's films.

1984: Tere Mere Beech Mein
Viju Khote plays Kaalia (in the same getup) and has a similar scene with Amjad Khan.

1984: Purana Mandir
Jagdeep plays Machchhar Singh, spoofing the Gabbar-intro scene.
(Courtesy: Shome Sengupta)

1985: Saaheb
Deven Verma plays film writer, Pareshan Mama who gave the story of Sholay to 'two young writers' on a train from Indore to Mumbai. 

1986: Patton ki Bazi
Refers to films like Raam aur Shyam, Andhaa Kaanoon and Sholay ('Black mein ticket leke dekhi thi') and describes how Dharmendra beats Amjad, before Liliput is thrashed.

1987: Dilruba Tangewali
Villain is an exact replica of Gabbar, including a repeat of the Russian Roulette scene.
Production controller: Kanti Shah

1988: Soorma Bhopali
Spinoff film from legendary character

1989: Khooni Murda
KLPD made references to this movie after an explosion

1990: Jamai Raja
Hema Malini says 'Tumne abhi tak mere Sholay nahin dekhe, Sharafat dekhi hai…'

1991: 100 Days
Hit song 'Gabbar Singh yeh keh kar gaya'

1991: Ramgarh ke Sholay
Parody film

1992: Angaar
A dwarf in the film is inspired by Viru's suicide scene (playing on video) and repeats the scene dialogue by dialogue. 

1993: Shatranj
Character talking about films

1994: Andaz Apna Apna
Coin scene (Tumne Sholay picture dekhi hai? Haan, dus baar!)
Kya naam hai aapka, Raveena ji?

1994: Hum Aapke Hain Koun
Anupam Kher enacts the suicide scene during the passing-the-pillow game. Basanti = Reema Lagoo.
Mausi = Alok Nath. 
(Courtesy: Rukmini Sengupta)

1995: Gabbar Singh (Pakistan)
A full film named after the legendary villain!
(Courtesy: Anindito De)

1996: Tere Mere Sapne 
Arshad Warsi says 'Kya karein? Mera dil hi kuch aisa hai' to explain why a 'millionaire' like him has
a cabbie friend.
(Courtesy: Nirav Mehta)

1997: Daud
Chacko says 'Agar kisi ne hilne ki koshish ki'.

1998: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Johnny Lever says his father was an Angrezon ke zamane ka tailor

1999: Hello Brother
Some dialogues are mentioned

2000: Billa No. 786
The villains mention how Gabbar had cut off Thakur's hands.

2001: Jodi No. 1 
Sanjay-Govinda are called Jai and Veeru. 

2002: Duplicate Sholay

2003: Jhankaar Beats
The film is full of constant references to and quizzes around Sholay

2004: Main Hoon Na
Rickshaw is called Dhanno. 

2005: Bunty aur Babli
Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukerji reprise the Yeh Dosti song on a bike with a carrier.

2005: Bluff Master
Riteish D refers to his partnership with AB Jr as 'Jai Veeru'. 

2006: Taxi No. 9211
Dialogues which refer to the characters in Sholay.

2007: Dhamaal
Sanjay Dutt says 'Sholay maine bhi bahut baar dekhi hai' when Arshad Warsi tries to throw dust in his eyes. He plays Russian Roulette after that.

2007: Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag
Full-fledged remake 

2007: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Abhishek-Bobby recreated the Amitabh-Dharmendra bike scene in London. 

2008: Dostana
Sam mentions Gabbar Singh in one of the scenes. 

2009: Luck by Chance
Macmohan repeated the 'Poore pachaas hazaar' dialogue on popular request at an acting school.

2009: Jai Veeru
Fardeen Khan and Kunal Khemu play the two titular friends. 
(Courtesy: Aneela Z Babar)

2010: Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge
Viju Khote plays Kaalia (in a film within the film) and is teased by Paresh Rawal with 'Kitnay aadmi thay' and 'do'.

2011: Mere Brother ki Dulhan
Katrina did a reprise of Viru's suicide scene.

2012: Housefull 2
Shreyas T: 'Gabbar aur tunda Thakur Jai aur Viru kaise ban gaye?'
Akshay/John: 'Jaise humare andar ke Sholay bahar aa gaye…'

2012: Gabbar Singh (Telugu)

2013: Nautanki Saala
Title derived from Jai's dialogue, directed by Ramesh Sippy's son

2014: Ungli
Dance Basanti song references Basanti Tangewali. 

2014: Main Tera Hero

2015: Gabbar (is back)
Exact replica of dialogues in several scenes

2015: Badlapur
Gabbar Singh's jail break scene plays as Nawaz watches (as he's also sentenced for 20 years).

2016: Freaky Ali 
Seema Biswas (Ali's mother) says about a prize money won by Ali: 'Itna bada inaam toh Gabbar Singh ke liye bhi nahin rakha tha.'

2016: Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Sequel to 2012 Telugu movie

2017: Meri Pyaari Bindu
Ayushmann refers to his partnership with neighbour Bindu (Parineeti Chopra) as that of Gabbar and
Sambha, Munna and Circuit, Guruji and Bhola.
(Courtesy: Prithvi Raj)

2018: Andhadhun
Tied to a chair with a silent Tabu, Ayushmann says, 'Itna sannata kyun hai, bhai?'

2019: The Sholay Girl
Documentary on Reshma Pathan, Hema Malini's body double

2020: French Biriyani (Kannada)
Mafia don tells his henchman to kidnap a girl or he'll cut off his hands like Thakur of Sholay

2020: Donald Trump mentions Sholay as an iconic film


Ashish Tripathi said…
2011 'Ready' movie has sholay inspired dance sequence in character dheela song