Help! The Book Needs You!

Well, I lied.

In the happiness of getting a book published by Puffin, I promised to blog oftener (Exhibit A) but reneged. The book is taking way more time than I thought. What I always passed off as a speck in my conversation ("Arre, the match in which Sourav scored a century and Kanitkar hit a four off the last ball...") is now turning out to be a good 12-minute search before ODI No. 1279 (what a match, man, what a match!) pops up and I have three more lines for the book.
The 140 page book - which I thought would be knocked off in one holiday in Goa - is now about 50 pages down. Phew!
Before my editor reads this and gets scared, let me assure her that I am hard at work all of this weekend and will be about half-done* by Monday. (*Terms & Conditions apply)

Okay - ladies and gentlemen - need an assistance from all you people with elephantine memories and gargantuan intellect.
Before the 1996 World Cup started, some teams refused to play in Sri Lanka due to perceived terror threats. To show confidence in the Lankan security apparatus, India and Pakistan put up a joint team and played an exhibition match against Sri Lanka in Colombo.
Can anybody get me a scorecard / report of that match?
Even some nuggets from memory would do. Please, you can.

The match happened only 14 years back. That's not so far back. It was the year Raja Hindustani and Saajan Chale Sasural released. As did Tere Mere Sapne, which made a star out of Arshad Warsi. Oh damn - it is rather far back!
Okay, but still - any memories? Any thoughts?


saikat said…
I think this is the one which you want ...
@ Saikat: A thousand thanks.
Kaluwitharna c Tendulkar b Akram - wah!
saikat said…
You are welcome. :-)
Indeed wonderful scorecard.

A big fan of yours, keep up the entertainment.
I'm not sure whether you shall find this relevant, but Sidhu didn't have a passport (or had problem obtaining a visa) due to the murder case on him. However, on one of the rare moments that the Indian Government acted expeditiously, it was done just for this match.
Anonymous said…

Maal ta dekh ekbaar:

Arkadev Ghoshal said…
I remember 2 nuggets. the two teams who forfeited their matches were west indies and australia.

although west indies were spared, aussies were ribbed no end by posters in this match and earlier matches.

one poster said, "aussie pm is keating, australians are cheating."

another said, "warne is too afraid to play in sri lanka. he fears that one of our girls will pinch him!"

further info can be found in a book called the "center fresh book of cricket lists", published in 1999.