Premiere of KAT

The good people of and Westland Books are running a picture quiz as part of a Kitnay Aadmi Thay? contest. 

Take a look at the image below and answer two simple questions:

1. Which movie is this poster from?
2. According to the movie, there is an error in this poster. What is it?

E-mail your answers to, mentioning your complete contact details. 

If you participate, do leave a comment here. I will push for reservation of seats for Calcutta Chromosome readers.

Ten winners will be invited for lunch with me (among other people) on 14 July, Saturday at Zura, Sector-29, Gurgaon.
UnfortuNote: This contest is for Delhi-NCR folks only. 


mukesh said…
have sent in my entry, and i guess have got it right :)
Newly Married said…
Done... although not sure if its right or not:)
Straight Cut said…
Have left the reply. The movie name was easy. The error was not readily apparent though. Wasn't Jaggu Dada called Raajkamal in the movie?
Have ordered the book and cant wait to go through it.
One small suggestion, Dada, please keep the quizzes coming - maybe once a month? Pretty please?? It really was fantastic - Bollywood trivia knowledge can really really be so addictive!!!
Straight Cut said…
Oh geez, didn't read the fineprint earlier about Delhi/ NCR. Dada, please embark on a multi-city promotional tour!! :)
Chaust said…
Hi, i have just sent in my entry :-) Would be good to know if the answers are right.

Ragini Puri said…
Hi, won this one! Free lunches don't mean much, free books do.

Hope you are giving away complimentary copies to the winners :)